"The pattern drafting course last Saturday was inspiring. I enjoyed the simple solutions presented, as well as sharing ideas with others. You have made sewing a joy again. Thank you"

- Margie Sneyd



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The Starter Kit


  • 2 metres of poly-trace.
  • 2 metres of calico fabric.
  • Clover 5 piece coloured carbon paper.
  • Clover serrated edge roller.


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Poly-trace is the ideal product to draw your patterns on, not only is it light, flexible and durable, its transparent which allows you to do multiple patterns at the one time. 2 metres x 1 metre


Calico is the choice of fabric used to sew your garment with, for a fitting once you have made your pattern, it’s light and durable and the light colour allows you to draw directly onto the garment for design purposes. 2 metres x 1.25 metres.


Clover 5 piece coloured carbon paper, makes the transfer of darts, pleats, necklines and design feature, easy to achieve, from the pattern to the fabric. The carbon paper called Chacopy, contains wax, so transfer designs wont rub off, but can be removed easily with water. The five colours are green, yellow, white, pink and blue. Each sheet measures 30cm x 25cm. 


Clover serrated edge roller is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit in you hand. It is used in conjunction with the carbon paper to transfer markings from the pattern to the fabric, and will do a double thickness of most fabrics.