The Pattern Drafter


Whether you are making a simple day dress or an elaborate wedding gown you need a pattern.  All patterns start out as a Block Pattern. Without a Block Pattern there is no fit, no shape. Making a Block Pattern requires skills usually obtained through years at university and using a combination of expensive and complicated rulers, (French curve, right angle, grading, standard, hip curve). 

THE PATTERN DRAFTER has all the rulers you’ll need built into one.


THE PATTERN DRAFTER has all dimensions calculated for you eliminating the need for you to do any lengthy and challenging mathematics. You simple follow the step-by-step instructions starting with how to take your basic measurements. Then, you transfer these measurements onto paper using THE PATTERN DRAFTER. The Block Pattern is made to YOUR measurements ensuring a perfect fit. Front and back patterns can usually be made within minutes. The Block Pattern is ready to use as it is or it can be modified into any design imaginable. Measurements on the ruler start at 80cm and go up to 138cm.


THE PATTERN DRAFTER is used to make all the Block Patterns needed for dresses including bridal gowns, tops, shirts, jackets, skirt, sleeves and pants. From the Block Pattern you add any enhancements you wish to make a truly unique creation.


THE PATTERN DRAFTER also makes a Block Pattern for sleeves and pants. With THE PATTERN DRAFTER you will never need to buy a pattern again. It’s the easy way of making clothes that will always fit perfectly and be an original design.


THE PATTERN DRAFTER makes patterns for ladies and teens in any shape and size.

THE PATTERN DRAFTER, can be used by beginners, students and professionals.

With THE PATTERN DRAFTER you too can now be a DESIGNER.


  • The Pattern Drafter Ruler with, Step-by-Step Instruction/Design Book
  • Step-by-Step Instruction DVD
  • Starter Kit


Pattern Drafter and book


About Maria


Maria Boncaldo the developer of The Pattern Drafter started sewing at the age of 10 when her sister’s hand-me-down clothes needed re-styling to fit her.


Sewing on the Singer treadle machine that her mother brought out with them from Italy, Maria soon found sewing a pleasure rather than a chore.  Therein began her love affair with sewing and her quest for perfection in garment making.


Maria is a qualified dressmaker; pattern drafter and designer, tertiary teacher and private tutor. Maria has experience in clothing production and is an accredited wardrobe analyst.


In operating her own business and in teaching, Maria found that she was not satisfied with the tools available for pattern drafting. 


To solve this problem, Maria created a simple and quick Pattern Drafting system with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to take the mystery out of Pattern Drafting.


Maria’s motto is “keep it simple”, and she has achieved that aim with The Pattern Drafter.


You’ll enjoy using The Pattern Drafter. It has been developed to simplify design and make the experience enjoyable and rewarding. 





     Photo Maria 2015